U-Haul’s Nicotine-Free Hiring Policy Starts February 1

U-Haul International will no longer hire people who smoke or vape nicotine in any form. This policy protects workers and the public from exposure to second- and thirdhand smoke.

January 3, 2020

By: The Associated Press

NEW YORK — U-Haul has a New Year’s resolution: Cut down on hiring people who smoke.

The moving company said that it won’t hire nicotine users in the 21 states where it is legal to do so, saying that it wants to ensure a “healthier workforce.”

The new policy will start Feb. 1, and won’t apply to those hired before then. New applicants will be asked if they use nicotine products, and those hired in the 21 states will need to agree to be screened for nicotine use in the future.

The states where U-Haul’s new policy will take affect are: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia and Washington.

The company, which is based in Phoenix, has more than 30,000 employees.

U-Haul said it has made strides to encourage employees’ health, including breaking ground on a new conference and fitness center in Arizona and implementing various fitness and wellness programs.

Some hospitals and other health businesses have implemented no-nicotine hiring policies, company officials said. Alaska Airlines has had the policy since 1985 to address health care costs and health consequences.


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