Thirdhand Smoke Exposure is Linked to Increased Tumor Development

July 6, 2023
Thirdhand Smoke Resource Center

Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory investigated the impact of thirdhand tobacco smoke (THS) exposure on the development of tumors in mice.  To reflect the genetic diversity of humans, they used Collaborative Cross (CC) mice. The researchers exposed the CC mice to thirdhand smoke and observed them for tumor development. The findings showed that thirdhand smoke exposure was linked to an increased risk of developing different tumor types in the mice. How much the risk increased depended on the genetic background of the mice. The researchers also observed changes in the expression of cancer-related genes in the mice that were exposed to thirdhand smoke. The results suggest that thirdhand smoke exposure may increase the risk of developing cancer, particularly in individuals with a genetic predisposition. The study highlights the potential dangers of thirdhand smoke and its impact on cancer development, emphasizing the importance of limiting exposure to tobacco smoke in all its forms to protect public health.

ChatGPT March 14 Version was used to create the first draft of this text. The draft was reviewed, edited, and finalized by the Thirdhand Smoke Resource Center.

Click here to read the research study.

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