Thirdhand Smoke 101

Part of our mission is to provide useful tools to a broad range of stakeholders. Scientific studies are one source of reliable information, but scientific studies typically do not present information in a way that is “user-friendly” and accessible. Yet, we know that people with an interest in this issue—home buyers and sellers, apartment renters, used car purchasers, hotel managers, parents of young children, to name a few—are often seeking answers to important question about thirdhand smoke.

To help with that search for answers, we are building a searchable collection of user-friendly materials called “Thirdhand Smoke 101”. The materials in “Thirdhand Smoke 101” have been created by a range of organizations and individuals, and come in a variety of formats including print, websites, and video. All materials can be downloaded and shared. And, most importantly, all materials have been reviewed for accuracy by scientists from the Thirdhand Smoke Research Consortium before they have been added to the collection. Within the collection, materials are categorized by format and topic to make it easier to find what you are looking for!

We welcome suggestions for additional resources for “Thirdhand Smoke 101”.

More to Learn:

What is Thirdhand Smoke?

What is thirdhand smoke? Thirdhand smoke is the chemical residue from tobacco smoke. It is also called “tobacco smoke residue” or “stale tobacco smoke.” The

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