Study Measures the Effects of JUUL Vaping on Users and their Surrounding Environment

April 12, 2023
By Avery Crosley

This study investigated the chemicals in JUUL pods, looking at the impact of electronic cigarette use on the users and the surrounding environment. The researchers analyzed the chemical content of JUUL pods before and after use, how people exhaled the electronic cigarette vapor, and the chemical residue left behind on surfaces after vaping stopped. They found that the amount of chemicals inhaled by electronic cigarette users varied and that the amount of negative health symptoms experienced during vaping was related to the total amount of chemicals they inhaled. The chemicals from the exhaled vapor accumulated on enclosed surfaces, creating thirdhand residue and potentially exposing others to them. These findings are useful for researchers and policymakers studying electronic cigarette use and could impact future smoking policies around electronic cigarettes.

Image: Hua, et al. (2023). Exposure, retention, exhalation, symptoms, and environmental accumulation of chemicals during JUUL vaping. Chem Res Toxicol. 36, 3:492–507.

Click here to read the research study.

Note: Image was edited for style and length.

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