Smokefree Summer Listening: 10 Podcast Recommendations from the Thirdhand Smoke Resource Center

The Thirdhand Smoke Resource Center has compiled 10 fantastic podcast episodes ranging from explanations of thirdhand smoke, to discussions with experts about how to eliminate tobacco use altogether. This page will be updated weekly with new episode suggestions. 

Week 1: This week starts our 10-week Summer Listening Podcast Series! Each week we will post a recommended podcast on the topic of thirdhand smoke or tobacco prevention. We are kicking off our series with a great overview of first-, second-, and thirdhand smoke from LifeLong Medical Care’s Freedom from Tobacco podcast. Happy podcasting!

Week 2: Thirdhand smoke is no joke! Our Summer Listening Podcast Series continues this week with a quick summary from UFHealth Podcasts on the harms of toxic thirdhand smoke.

Week 3: Finding thirdhand smoke in unexpected places is happens more often than you think. Week 3 of our Summer Listening Podcast Series helps us think through the dangers of letting guests smoke anywhere in or near our homes. Tune in to this episode of UFHealth’s podcast to learn more.


Week 4:  Dr. Eric Presser, author of “An Empowering Guide to Lung Cancer,” debunks the myth that smoking only hurts smokers in week 4 of our Summer Listening Podcast Series, Late Night Health Radio’s two-part podcast.


Week 5: The Thirdhand Smoke Resource Center works to educate and inform the public about the ways toxic tobacco residue presents a danger to everyone–especially nonsmokers. The tobacco residue in the form of second- and thirdhand smoke sticks on surfaces, clothing, and skin. Week 5, featuring an episode of the Bytes podcast by the Rover Tobacco Control Library, takes the listener back in time to the creation of the Resource Center and then describes what we do today.

Week 6:  “A box of death” is how one Colorado assistant principal describes the assortment of vapes and e-cigarettes that she has confiscated from students. Listen to this feature episode in week 6 of our Summer Listening Podcast Series to learn about the toxic e-waste produced by vaping in this NPR episode.


Week 7: What does it take for a city to pass smoke-free outdoor dining legislation? Week 7 of our Summer Listening Podcast Series highlights the HEAT Observer Podcast by Modoc County Public Health where they follow one city’s 5-year journey to achieve exactly this. 

Week 8: When passing tobacco and smoke-free legislation, equitable solutions are key. In week 8 of our Summer Listening Podcast Series, Dr. Natasha Phelps, a Lead Senior Staff Attorney at the Public Health Law Center, discusses what it means to enforce tobacco-free policies fairly with Counter Tobacco.

Week 9: If the only way to truly protect people from tobacco smoke exposure is to eliminate smoking, what does that look like? How do we get there? Week 9 of our Summer Listening Podcast Series explores these questions related to the tobacco “Endgame” in this episode of Counter Tobacco.

Week 10: It’s week 10 and our Summer Listening Podcast Series is coming to an end. To wrap up this collection of weekly suggested thirdhand smoke and related podcasts, we want to leave you with an episode that sparks ideas for how to help your community be tobacco-free. Alturas, CA is ready for a smoke-free future, and Modoc County Public Health’s HEAT Observer Podcast covers how they are taking the first steps towards a tobacco-free California by 2035. Comment below with your favorite tips and strategies from this episode. Thanks for following along on our 10-week Summer Listening Podcast Series!

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