¿La marihuana crea humo de tercera mano?

Al igual que los productos de tabaco, los cigarrillos de marihuana, también conocidos como porros (joints) o canutos (blunts), producen dos tipos de humo—el humo que la persona exhala mientras fuma y el humo que sale del extremo encendido del cigarrillo de marihuana. Quemar marihuana produce un residuo de humo de tercera mano similar al producido al quemar productos de tabaco. Aunque los productos de marihuana aún no se han estudiado tan a fondo como los productos de tabaco, se ha confirmado que el humo de la marihuana contiene algunas de las mismas sustancias químicas que el humo del tabaco, incluidos algunos de los mismos carcinógenos que se encuentran en el humo del tabaco.

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Can you test for thirdhand smoke?

Tobacco smoke contains thousands of chemicals that break down and interact with the environment. Scientists have developed sensitive tests1 using those chemical markers that can detect thirdhand smoke chemicals in the air, in house dust, on surfaces of indoor environments, and on people. However, these tests are expensive to conduct and few are available outside of university laboratories available at this time.

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Do electronic cigarettes create thirdhand smoke?

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, do not burn tobacco. Instead, e-cigarettes heat a fluid that contains nicotine, a chemical solvent, and flavor chemicals. This heated fluid creates a vapor made up of tiny droplets that looks like cigarette smoke. Just like tobacco smoke, e-cigarette vapor sticks to clothes, furniture, and other surfaces creating thirdhand smoke.

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Many people think that smoking a pipe is safer than smoking regular cigarettes, but pipe tobacco is also harmful to our health. Pipe smokers have an increased risk of cancers of the head, neck, liver, and lung.

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This series features the Consortium’s newly funded projects, which engage in groundbreaking research about the nature and health consequences of thirdhand smoke. Thirdhand smoke is the chemical residue that is left behind on clothes, skin, furniture, walls, and other surfaces after someone smokes.

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