Is Your Community Ready for Smokefree Multiunit Housing?

The Law and Policy Partnership to End the Commercial Tobacco Epidemic, a joint initiative of the American Lung Association California and the Public Health Law Center, released a new guidance that will be useful to cities and counties in California with interest in establishing smokefree multiunit housing. Smoking bans in multiunit housing don’t just protect residents from secondhand smoke; they also prevent exposure to toxic thirdhand smoke.

July, 2020

By: Law and Policy Partnership to End the Commercial Tobacco Epidemic

This Smoke-free Multiunit Housing Model Ordinance was prepared for California cities and counties interested in creating smoke-free multiunit residences by prohibiting smoking on the premises. This 2020 model ordinance builds on the ordinance developed by ChangeLab Solutions and released in 2018. The Public Health Law Center acknowledges the excellent work done by ChangeLab Solutions in creating the original ordinance. This model ordinance is based on an independent and objective analysis of the relevant law, evidence, and available data, as well as work done for the California Tobacco Control Program. The model offers cities and counties a variety of options to tailor the ordinance to meet local needs. Readers should consider all the evidence and decide for themselves which approach is appropriate for their multiunit housing needs.

To Download the Ordinance:


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