Project: Silicone Wristbands to Measure Secondhand Exposure to Tobacco, E- Cigarettes, and Cannabis

The goal of this project is to evaluate whether a community-friendly and simple silicone wristband can be worn and used as a sampler to absorb and record exposure to tobacco smoke, e-cigarettes, and cannabis.

We are looking for families with a child aged 3-12 years old, where either the parents, guardians, or any other residents of the household smoke cigarettes, use cannabis, or vape nicotine e-cigarettes. Families must live within the San Diego County.

Help us learn if wearing silicone wristbands can measure children’s exposure to chemicals in their environment. If you're interested, please contact us at wristband.sdsu@gmail.com or call +1 (858) 292-1416 to learn more about joining the project, check your eligibility, and have the opportunity to receive up to $300 in gift cards for your participation.


The Thirdhand Smoke Resource Center offers credit and non-credit bearing volunteer internships for university students with an interest in public health, environmental health, psychology, communication, and related fields. Volunteer interns work with an interdisciplinary group of researchers from San Diego State University who investigate the issue of thirdhand smoke. Depending on their interests and skills, volunteer interns have the opportunity to participate in various phases of the research process including data collection, analysis, and reporting of findings. Remote opportunities are possible. To apply for a volunteer internship please submit your resume and letter of interest to contact@thirdhandsmoke.org.

Do-It-Yourself Project

Are you worried about thirdhand smoke in your new home? Did you purchase a used car and then realize it smells like stale tobacco smoke? Does the smoke from your downstairs neighbor drift into your apartment day and night?

The Do-It-Yourself Project is designed for community residents who are concerned about thirdhand smoke in their home, car, or workplace. The Resource Center addresses resident’s concerns by designing individualized sampling kits and providing detailed instructions for do-it-yourself sample collection. Sampling kits, including instructions and postage-paid return shipping, are sent via USPS. Center staff provide telephone support for sample collection, if needed. Upon return of the samples to San Diego State, they are analyzed at laboratories at the School of Public Health, and a report of the results is provided to the resident.

Individuals and organizations are encouraged to contact us to learn more about participating in the Do-It-Yourself Project. There is no charge to participants who qualify. For more information contact@thirdhandsmoke.org.

Community Events

The Thirdhand Smoke Resource Center regularly participates in community events to share information about thirdhand smoke exposure, effects, and prevention. Volunteers are needed to staff events throughout California. Brief training and all necessary educational materials are provided. If you would like to volunteer at community events please email us at contact@thirdhandsmoke.org.