What does thirdhand smoke do?

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image of the reproductive system and text on effects of THS

What Does Thirdhand Smoke Exposure Do to Our Bodies?

The chemicals in thirdhand smoke can affect the normal function of many parts of our body. Researchers at Nantong University’s Institute of Reproductive Medicine reviewed existing thirdhand smoke research to summarize the effects of thirdhand smoke chemicals on our livers, lungs, brains, and our immune and reproductive systems. By Leta...

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Thirdhand Smoke Researcher Presents at AAAS

In September, Dr. Hugo Destaillats, Staff Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and a member of the Thirdhand Smoke Research Consortium, addressed the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He discussed thirdhand smoke chemicals and their health effects.

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Your Clothing May be Dangerous to Your Health

Thirdhand smoke researchers from Europe and the US reviewed the scientific evidence about the effects of wearing clothes contaminated with thirdhand smoke. They found that when people wear clothes full of thirdhand smoke residue, toxic chemicals can be absorbed into their bodies. These researchers suggest that sweat may speed up release of thirdhand smoke from clothing and discourage wearing contaminated clothing while exercising.

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An Interview with the Director

Joseph Martin from the Rover Tobacco Control Library at UC Davis, interviewed Dr. Georg Matt, Professor at San Diego State University and Director of the Thirdhand Smoke Resource Center, to learn more about thirdhand smoke. Read or listen to their conversation.

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