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Researchers Find Ways to Help Parents Move Smoking Outside

Indoor smoking generates the tobacco smoke that ultimately becomes thirdhand smoke. One of the best ways to prevent thirdhand smoke is to ban indoor smoking. A new study conducted by researchers at San Diego State University shows that electronic alerts can help parents who smoke remember to “move it outside.”

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Babies and Toddlers at High Risk of Thirdhand Smoke Exposure

Penn State researchers found higher levels of exposure to nicotine than expected in children as young as six months of age. Children who spent more time in center-based day care had lower nicotine exposure. For children who live in homes with high levels of second and thirdhand smoke, center-based day care may offer some protection from exposure.

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Grandma’s Cigarette by Mr. Philip Galanes

Philip Galanes writes a Social Q’s column for The New York Times that offers “lighthearted advice about awkward social situations.” In one column, a subscriber recognizes the dangers of tobacco pollutants for children and posts a question about how to navigate her mother-in-law’s smoking around her newborn child. Click to read Mr. Galane’s helpful reply.

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